Isn't he cute? He's Charley.

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Vermont. Charley is my mom's cat, as you might recall. He gets to go outside on odd days, and his neighbor gets to go out on even days, because otherwise territories will overlap and Heads Will Roll. This arrangement of alternating days works well, except that sometimes Charlie just really wants out, and too bad for him, it's not his day. So he scampers and squeaks and pleads and scampers. And then he has a snack and a nap.

Today Matt and our friend Pete tore down our garage. I was there too, but mostly I scampered and squeaked and fretted that a critical piece of framing would pop free and then beams would fall on people's noggins, and Heads Would Roll. I am pleased to report that my fears were for naught, and we ended a short work day at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I had chicken in a screaming hot pumpkin seed/tomatillo/cilantro sauce (yum).

We had a fun and successful moving sale, I have not finished my toilet construction, and we scrapped all our months-long-house-planning in favor of Something! Completely! Different! (and cheaper/easier to build). That's my week in a nutshell. Oh, and the woodchuck is eating out of the compost pile because either A. he thinks he's a rat or B. pickin's are slim.

I hope you are enjoying spring!


Rodrica Tilley said...

Very cute...very happy...today is odd...bye.

Rodrica Tilley said...
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Kelly Jackson said...

I'm smitten!

Ellen Zachos said...

Why did you tear down the garage?

Zoe Tilley Poster said...

The garage was sort of a hovel and we didn't want it to scare away potential house buyers:)