Isn't he cute? He's Charley.

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Vermont. Charley is my mom's cat, as you might recall. He gets to go outside on odd days, and his neighbor gets to go out on even days, because otherwise territories will overlap and Heads Will Roll. This arrangement of alternating days works well, except that sometimes Charlie just really wants out, and too bad for him, it's not his day. So he scampers and squeaks and pleads and scampers. And then he has a snack and a nap.

Today Matt and our friend Pete tore down our garage. I was there too, but mostly I scampered and squeaked and fretted that a critical piece of framing would pop free and then beams would fall on people's noggins, and Heads Would Roll. I am pleased to report that my fears were for naught, and we ended a short work day at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I had chicken in a screaming hot pumpkin seed/tomatillo/cilantro sauce (yum).

We had a fun and successful moving sale, I have not finished my toilet construction, and we scrapped all our months-long-house-planning in favor of Something! Completely! Different! (and cheaper/easier to build). That's my week in a nutshell. Oh, and the woodchuck is eating out of the compost pile because either A. he thinks he's a rat or B. pickin's are slim.

I hope you are enjoying spring!



Malcolm is a rude, dirty cat. Grooming habits? He has none, but he does have a dirty chin and scabby ears. His motto is: everything I see, I pee on it. He destroys porch furniture, befouls the garden, and generally makes a neighborhood menace of himself. Such characters are easy to bribe, considering their low morals. Malcolm lets me scratch his chin, if I give him some barbecued chicken. Then I run right in and wash my hands. Gross kitty.


Gallery Nucleus

The Wheatfield

Unseasonable Heat

I have had precious little time for drawing lately, you know, with building my toilet and all. So I was really pleased that just as I was finishing these two pieces up, Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles invited me to participate in their upcoming show, Terra. The show opens March 29, and man, there's a pretty cool lineup of artists slated for it... I am stoked to be included. The drawings will be for sale in the gallery, and online.


Moving sale!

Attention locals!
Saturday March 29th, 8am - 4pm
734 Fig Street, Scranton
We've transformed the bakery into a
Pottery, hand tools, kitchen stuff, treadle sewing machine,
wringer washer, books, furnishings, pears in a bottle(!),
clothes, linens, art, and even some total junk!
Come to buy or just to say b-bye. We would to see you.


Fourth annual crocus post

Hey, it's crocus time! They opened the first day of spring, beating the snowdrops by mere moments. I haven't had much time to spend with them, because we are madly patching/painting/scrubbing in order to put our house on the market. But! The color of these crocuses perfectly matches the color I am painting the composting toilet I built! I will show you the toilet, which is portable and will be traveling to Vermont with us, when it's all done. I am perhaps unbecomingly proud of it.

For past crocus arrivals, please see:

Happy spring!


Oh boy oh boy oh boy

Sometimes I think I'm going to splurge on art supplies, and I add them to my shopping cart, and I decide to Think About It, and I go back to visit them in my shopping cart, but I never click Checkout. Well, I gone and done it! I summoned all my strength and ordered these Tombow Irojiten pencils, all 90 of them, and I can't! wait! to use them! Tombow is the kind of graphite pencil I use, because the leads are strong and don't shatter when you oopsy-daisy push the whole mess of them off your desk onto the floor, and also there is never ever any grit in them, which can scratch your paper and make you very grumpy.