the Each Week, One Beast project: week 7

Bodhi on the sofa. I feel a tiny bit guilty calling this week's beast a Beast. Because look at him! He's so sweet! He is a family member (Matt's brother). Here are some things he enjoys: the great outdoors, bagels, belly rubs, peeing on things in the wild, burger-size baby porcupines that fit in your mouth just so, and his sofa.


cadyn speziale said...

Bodhi looks like he's either guilty or sleepy, and I love that even the sofa has a personality.

Farmgirl Susan said...

I love it. He's definitely a beast - just a really cultured one. ;) So cute. Thanks for the smile.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Bodhi has that look in his eye, the same one that my dogs get..."I wonder if anyone will notice me up here?" ;) With my dogs it's because they're not allowed on the sofa though, and they're afraid of getting caught!