Matt and Zoe... married!

We did it! And was it ever a blast. On June 26th, we had a blowout wedding party at my parents' house.

What can I say about this day, except that we were overwhelmed by all the love and all the fun? I was scared beforehand, because I'm pretty shy... Which I guess is why I never mentioned the wedding here. I might have titled the post "Impending Wedding of Doom," and that wouldn't have pleased anyone, would it?

But it was the strangest thing... in the moments before I walked out to meet Matt at the altar (forsythia bush), my upset just melted away like butter. Having my family, Matt's family, our family friends, and the friends Matt and I have made across the country all in my mother's garden... was beautifully mind-blowing.

Our people trickled into town in the days ahead, and helped with all the preparations. They hefted a 165 pound pig into a brine vat. They hauled kegs, hung parasols, strung Christmas lights, arranged flowers. They roasted pork, and then pulled it - for hours. They cooked and fed the masses, beforehand, and after.

Others grew vegetables, raised a pig, made cheese and chocolates, baked cupcakes, mixed cocktails, selected and transported cases of gorgeous wines, and cooked beautiful, extravagant platters of food.

My mom's cousin sewed me the peach-silk-chiffon dress of my dreams, and crafted a crazy, awesome headpiece to go with it. My new husband orchestrated food for 185 people, and pulled it off with a skeleton crew including the one and only, almighty, Jess (of Soup Chic). My parents planned and hosted the party of our lives, with enthusiasm and artistry.

Matt's father led our ceremony, with his usual gentle eloquence. Our friend Mike spoke a poem he wrote, and blew us away. Photographer friends took pictures - lots of awesome pictures. Our DJ spun the best endless hours of dance vinyl I've ever experienced. (Three weeks later, the soles of my feet are beginning to heal!)

Our wedding was not traditional... For one, I wore little chickens on my head. And for two, instead of being sanctioned by the state, our union was validated by everyone who celebrated with us. Thank you - to all of them - for making it real.

In order, the above photos were taken by:
Michael Mullen (1)
My dad, Michael Poster (1)
Tonia Eden Mayton, of Eden Photography (1)
Rolfe Ross (1)
Tonia Eden Mayton (1)
Michael Mullen (1)
Tonia Eden Mayton (1)
Michael Mullen (1)
Tonia Eden Mayton (1)
Rolfe Ross (1)
Julie Mullen (1)
Michael Poster (3)

Lizzy Tilley, my mom's cousin, made my dress (which I enjoy visiting, in its closet), and my fascinator veil. She owns Sugarcoat Couture in Ithaca, NY, specializes in sweetened vintage, and is fabulously talented.

Ann Hartley of Hartley Studio made our simple silver wedding bands. I've never met Ann, but I know she's lovely, and I admire her work every day.

Music, played expertly, by Walter Lukatchik.

More pictures? See my dad's beautiful slideshows of the event in three stages here:
Wedding Make Ready
Wedding Dressup
Wedding Party

And more of Matt's cousin Tonia's fantastic photos here:
Eden Photography on Facebook

Coming next: Married... the menu!


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

OMG! Fantabulous! Congratulations to you both :) Little chickens on your head? LOVE IT! I really love that you made this day about you, not everyone else. It's truly what matters, and is what will keep this special for the both of you, forever. The last photo is perfect, the lantern is enchanting! Congrats congrats congrats!!!

LeLo said...

I'm such a voyeur: I watched all of those fabulous slideshows by your dad. And can i just say, how beautiful! How fun! Congratulations! My heart swoons for you all the way from here in Oregon. What a party! I need to use more exclamation points!

Immortal Mountain said...

Drew and I had such a blast at your union par-tay!!! We met such interesting people and felt the love seeing you two finally tie the knot. What a beautiful day!

Zoe Tilley Poster said...

Thank you, friends. It was a blast, and fun to share it again here.

Ann Hartley said...

I have never met YOU, Zoe and Matt, but I know you are both lovely too!! What a fantastic and beautiful ceremony on a PERFECT day to be married. :) Congrats to you both!!