South Side Scranton's World of Birds

It is a soggy wet morning, so I am typing and drinking coffee at 9 am, and the mockingbird is singing outside my window. When I woke up at midnight, he was mimicking the robin, who was likely sleeping. When I woke up at 2am, he was performing his twenty minute car alarm rendition. Maybe if I could learn to scream bloody murder a little more prettily when the baby squirrels use my delphiniums to pole vault into the pear tree, he would imitate me.

Every once in awhile, he makes a little loop-de-loop in the air above his elm, without pausing in song. What is he doing?

But who is even noisier than the mockingbird? This gang of four, South Side Scranton's very own roving guinea hens - in this picture, threatening to attack my poor old dog.


Michael Poster said...

Whoa, what happened to feedburner? I don't think I got notice of this post. I'm such a pearled earth addict that I clicked my bookmark any way and lo and behold: a new and informative post. Bet Laika would have kicked those fowl butts!


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I think I'd rather listen to Mockingbird car-alarm impressions, than guinea fowl. We considered guineas (briefly) but I think the noise would have driven us crazy. I hope they left your poor dog alone.

Zoe Tilley Poster said...

Those guineas are loud indeed. Luckily they live on the next block up, so I can enjoy them from a distance. I lived for one summer in the back of an old parked box truck, and went to sleep each night just a few yards away from a tree full of guinea hens... They sounded like tin pans clanking against my eardrums, and would tumble with a series of thuds onto the shed roof below in the morning. Good lord. And speaking of noise (still), my mockingbird is singing. 8:20pm.

pamsenglishgarden said...

Hi, Zoe, My husband once came home with two guinea fowl (I never know what will be next!) They didn't last long thought ... why? Because of their noise ... nearly drove us mad. I believe you understand!
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my "Aggressive and Invasive Plants" post. In answer to your question ... No, Billy Goat does not eat the multiflora rose. He much prefers my prize perennials! I sometimes think guinea fowl would be more useful. Pam