My Etsy shop is open!

Do you have ducks, chickens, raccoons, cats, rabbits, butterflies, moths and crows? If not, would you like some? I have them for sale in my brand new Etsy shop.

It doesn't seem possible that I've toiled over this shop all summer long, the amount of time it might have taken me to remodel a real bricks-and-mortar shop, but there it is. I've drawn and fussed and typed and photographed until my eyes have gone crossed and my buns have flattened in what could be an irreparable way.

The shop is open and stocked with prints and originals. More to come within the next couple weeks, including woodchucks, the sort of dog who pees on your Most Prized Plant, and notecards!


Please do feed the wildlife

When farmers market and gardening season winds down, it's time to go on vacation! And that's where we've been. Matt was so pleased to be reunited with Lake Superior, he took off all his clothes and jumped in.

From Duluth, Minnesota, with Matt's dad and step mom, we drove to the end of the Gunflint Trail in the Boundary Waters, to wait out a night of wind and snow flurries at a lodge where Matt's friend works as a fishing guide. In the morning we had Close Encounters With Wild Foxes, which all revolved around buttered toast.

We paddled into Duncan Lake, and gathered firewood, and hiked on the Border Route Trail, overlooking Canada. I made acquaintance with the tiniest chipmunk I've ever seen, and offered him a small selection of mixed nuts and dried fruits, from which he chose two peanuts.

I'm pretty sure that Minnesotans don't normally haul along their winter tent when camping in the autumn, but if they are hosting a Pennsylvanian, they (very graciously) do. There is a little woodstove in the winter tent, which makes the whole experience deluxe. We kept cozy and cooked lots, and heard the sounds of the wild north country: owls, loons, wolves and wind.