Happy winter

The baker is busy in the days before Christmas. I stepped outside this morning to breathe in the darkness, while it still reigned. I hope to spend Christmas Eve afternoon sipping whiskey on the abandoned railroad tracks, toasting our new friend: the beaver who is constructing a dam in the valley where we often walk. There is a steep bank where we can sit and watch him tending his floats of branches. There are new little ruts - I call them beaver slides - going down the bank, into the water. I like to imagine him yanking his treetops over the edge, and then wheeee!!! In he goes after them. Plop.

Happy solstice to you, friends.



These Woodland Creatures have been making a mess of my desk (chewing up pencils, leaving dirty footprints about, etc.)! So I gathered them all up, threw them into the scanner, and slammed the lid shut. Ha.

But really... a friend asked me to draw some animals for her daughter's bedroom art gallery. Here's who I have so far.


The weather has gone a bit wintry, and consequently, I've spent a good deal of time at my desk drawing this week. (Also there was the heffalump trap. For anyone who is waiting with bated breath: we did not catch a heffalump. They are notoriously difficult to catch. For anyone who does not know what one is, below is a clue.)


Frosty morning

The boys are off for a weekend-long recording session. Laika and I are on our own. We intend to Get A Lot Done, and eat whatever we want.

So far, things are going well! Laika found her own yesterday's-barf, conveniently frozen in the backyard, and ate it. And I slipped on the ice, but did not fall and break my ass, and whenever that happens, I feel like it's my lucky day.