A Huge Accomplishment

Each winter is different for me. For example, I spent part of one winter on a tropical island in Belize, filling coconuts with rum, snorkeling, and orchestrating hermit crab races. And then for contrast, there's this winter, which I've spent part of attempting to build a staircase with crooked lumber, no math skills, and (luckily) a handy guy.

Or in other words, some winters, my frustration level bobs peacefully in the green zone, and this winter, it's shot with volcanic force into the red-hot-and-ready-to-pop zone.

But today, friends? I really accomplished something...

I put a pony on a petal!


The Shift

It is spring inside my house. Here is the proof:

There is spicebush blooming on the toilet tank...
pear blossoming on the kitchen table...

and a dog who can not be caught on camera because she is just a blurry streak, bolting madly for the back door at all times.