My mom started this gas plant (Dictamnus albus 'Rubra') from seed. It took years to bloom. But when it did, it was stunning. Handsome, really. Dark leaves, robust flower stalks that do not topple. And... it does a party trick!


The stems of gas plant are sticky with the oil it emits. After you light it and you're just sitting in your chair sipping your drink, a smell creeps up in ribbons: citrus and ozone. Dark magic. I do not know if this plant is edible to deer, but I suspect it is not. On close inspection, the plant in Mom's garden is almost pristine - no insect-nibbled leaves, which is pretty miraculous for any plant at all. I love it.


Gardener in the Distance said...

Zoe, YOU are the party trick.

Rodrica said...

Love the video and your words. Thanks for being my daughter...and friend.

Ellen Zachos said...

I want one of these!